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The Rock band: BLANSH

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Blansh (Official YouTube)

Blansh; Sublime Music!
A kind of progressive rock (avant-garde, innovative).
For decades there has been no musician or group really following the great band's foot steps (Kiss, Ac/Dc, Van Halen, Rush, Queen, Scorpions, etc.).
Today, the band Blansh seems to be carrying that heritage.

This Band Rocks (Live)!
The Music is outstandingly well made.
The Vocal is amazingly surprising.
The Live stage Sound is beautiful (studio mix),
which is a feat in itself (hats off to the sound engineer).
The Live presentation is quite neat,
with lights (Fresnels, PARs, Floods), smoke screen (CO2),
background remarkably well utilized with special-effect clips.
The video live recording (and sound),
with 3 cameras (2 hand-held) is truely astounding.

Eyes and attention are immediately captured,
while the musical performance is enchanting the ears,
one finds it very hard to be distracted by anything!

Live Performances (2014)
I am presenting 4 pieces from their latest album "In Rough" (2012),
which I consider representative of the band (their acts),
in terms of music, show concept and delivery, and vocals.
However, any piece you pick is an experience in itself!

> Need Of Speed < (suitable for radio broadcast).

> Stay < (Rock music, singing range and versatility).

> Lost < (progressive rock based).

> Waltz < (Rock, elaborate music).


Live Performances (2015)

> Shine < (Pop Rock, Hit Single, 2015).

> Tonight < (Pop jazz, Hit single 2015).

> Melody-Of-Rain < (Pop ballad jazz, Hit single 2015).


News & Updates


The Pearl of Russia: In Karelia (Onega Lake, Petrozavodsk),
Exchange of students winter activities
(youtube.com/watch?v=dEcjgP7ocnY) - Video -

Presented by: "Comes To Me One Day"; Blansh
(youtube.com/watch?v=Izno1WSkwz8) - Video -
Follow Blansh:




BLANSH Closed-Doors Concert: limited number of tickets!
December 16, 2017 at Blomberg Studio facility
New tone room, Cool sound, Drinks, Unique opportunity!
Only 50 seats! -> Info russian text (vk.com/closeevent16)
featuring "Need For Speed" (youtube.com/watch?v=gXoc4xysGFg)


Blansh Back On Stage - Live in Concert!
Friday 8pm March 24 (2017) at Club BEGEMOT!
We'll Be Making Noise!
Lost (youtube.com/watch?v=r-52I9waJFA)

Original flyer (vk.com/blanshbluesrock):


Blansh latest concert (Accoustic)
Feb. 2017, Kivach Bar (vk.com/kivach)
featuring original song; Stay
©Blansh (www.youtube.com/user/blanshbluesrock)


On Radio Karjala (vk.com/radiokarjala)
Yesterday's Live Program Weeknight (Dec. 9, 2016):
Our guest was Natalie Rudman; Karelian blues-rock band BLANSH's singer, a participant in many musical projects, concert organizer, and a gifted singer. Very emotional and musical conversation!
Original Single "Stay"; (youtube.com/watch?v=As7hvlREIII)
Radio Karelia 102,2 FM; (radio.sampo.ru/radio_karelia)



In April, Petrozavodsk is hosting
The International Barents Environmental Film Festival.
New vision toward environmental issues presenting professional international films competition program (nonprofit, artistic and documentary films)...
International website < (English)
> Petrozavodsk (Onega Lake) website <


The band Blansh is mature for Opening Acts,
Their collection (Live shot videos) is the perfect package to submit.
It's worth checking them out.

> Official YouTube < (Blansh)
> Blansh G+ < (Profile/PostRoll).
> Blansh G+ < (g+ Community).
> BLANSH < (Official Albums) 
> BLANSH < (Official website: russian language).

Public Relations (PR)
Blansh MusicFurmula Collection < (Museum project, russian language)
Blansh on blues-finland < (press article, finland language)
> Blansh on LastFm < (music profile, russian language)

The Music Formula Project:
Submit one Very Rare or Unusual musical instrument!
>Updates webpage<

Hosted by Artur Efremov;
Collection of Rare, Unusual, and original factory musical instruments.
Organizer of this Interactive-Exhibition.
(Sponsored by the Direction of the local cultural Museum center)

The objective is to make this exhibition the most interactive possible!
Those who want to contribute are welcome!
Just do like the band Blansh did!

Blansh; The project Music Formula


Hard rock band BLANSH Fontanka FM radio
Radio Interview (14 min. russian language) >Video<
English Texts Translated by: Tanyusha Kinaschuk
How not to speak hoarsely after such singing?
Just to take care about yourself! lol
What do you have to do? It's like you eat 10 eggs...
I am allergic to eggs! lol
Your voice sounds really cool. Let's listen to it again...
The interviewer asks Natalie
how she is lucky to be so quiet during her concerts?

Natalie tells that last time she was quiet while singing in public as she knew everything will be good, because her favourite sound producer was there. She says that she doesn't lip-synch a song. Also she says that it is very important to trust each other...

Anatoly and Natalie,
They both tell that they are thinking about recording their third album.
Anatoly says that his dream is to play in Hyde Park in London...
Natalie wants their music to become a product
that everyone can see and listen to,
on the radio for example...
Translated by: Tan

> Blansh on fontanka1 < (press article russian language)
> Blansh on fontaka2 < (press article russian language)

Meet The Guys Off-Stage... > Video <
Mila Levit (vLog Reporter) brings us into Blansh's retreat hide-out
Where they rehearsal for their next concerts...

Soundbox -  TV Spot > Video <
In the interview; we talk about the events that we participated in,
during our career from 2007 to 2013...
And we present the CD Album we had just recorded: > In Rough <
We perform 2 songs; It Comes To Me One Day, and Bastard,
Followed by words of gratitude to the studio Fabrica Grez,
for help in recording the album.
Last, we are awarded a certificate
to several hours recording at the studio (Fabrica Grez).
- Translation to English in process -

The group BLANSH

Vocals: Natalie Rudman.

Lead guitar: Anatoly Timofeev.

Bass guitar: Nikita Litvinenko.

Drummer: Andrey Vostokov.

©Blansh 2nd Drummer: Arkady Sokolov
The group Blansh plays with many instrumentalists and friends...


Natalie Rudman (Blansh; Vocals) singing is quite striking!
As much as the guys's music is innovative, Natalie sings precise notes on very particular lyric lines she wrote. And since she can rely on dedicated musicians (and instrumentalists), she has "carte-blanche" for expressing her own style and vocal cords abilities.
One natural-born singer!
With her exquisit and unique vocals, the band Blansh's music and delivery
creates a very interesting performance..

Short Bio: BLANSH

The group Blansh was founded in 1999
by Lead guitarist Anatoly Timofeev.

Drummer Andrey Vostokov quikly joined,
bringing solid musicals to the band with his many years experience.
The band's initial style was blues and rock (Blansh Blues-Rock),
playing cover versions (Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, BB King, and the likes).

Later on, the Bassman Nikita Litvinenko joined up,
Three instrumentalists (strings) came reinforce the musicals,
and Singer Natalie Rudman completed the line up
with her exquisit and unique vocals.

Since then, the band Blansh performed in many places in Sweden and Norway,
where they shared the stage with bands like "Sweet", Johan Kinde Group, etc.

It didn't take long for the group to write their own material.
Original rock compositions, sort of progressive rock, with touches of blues, jazz, and other styles. Some very interesting rock music which, according to members of the group,
has a rather unique "spirit" to it. They say Avant-Garde Rock (innovative).

Click on the image to Enlarge...

> Petrozavodsk < Music Open Air Festival, September, 2014.

The band Blansh participated in many festivals:
- Interregional rock festival "Fish" (in Segezha),
- Nord Session Rock Festival (in Kostomuksha),
- The "Premiere" Musical Festival (in Kherson, Ukraine),
- Music Open Air Festival > "Air" < (in Petrozavodsk),
- Etc.

- In 2007, Blansh released a first album: "Minnesota train".
- In 2012, they released a second one: "In rough".
> amazon < = > iTunes <

- Blansh current concerts -

Blansh "Live" On Stage! www.blues-finland.com
at Taverna Eskolanmäki, Kouvola, Finland

The band BLANSH is located in: > Petrozavodsk <
On the western shore of Onega Lake
(Republic of Karelia, Russia).
to the East of Finland

- Petrozavodsk is one of the most beautiful cities of Northwest Russia.
It is the cultural and business > capital < of the region.

- The Day of the City of Petrozavodsk:
Festivities dedicated to the > Day of the City. <

- Festival of ice and snow sculptures: > Hyperborea <

Karelia; The land of a thousand lakes!

Karjala Park > Video <

Touristic Resort > Karjala Park <
Petrozavodsk (Karelia Capital City),
on the western shore of Onega Lake
(Republic of Karelia, Russia).

> Adventure Tours <
Canoe, Rafting, Catanaran...
Famous islands, Memorable Fishing Trips...
Snowmobile Adventures, Snowmobile or Dog-Sled Tours ...

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